Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tudor exhibition in Paris.. and Anne Boleyn's book of hours.

Last month my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to a current exhibition in the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris. Tudor times is what brought my love for historical costuming and history, it's an era that facsinated me and still does.

The exhibit was wonderful, there were a lot of pieces brought for the occasion such as the book of hours of Anne Boleyn, it was a dream of mine to once see it with my own eyes and it's finally done! I can't describe the feeling I had standing in from of this beautiful piece of art!
There were also the coronation gown from the movie Elizabeth, so beautiful in person !

Henry VIII jousting armor.

Anne Boleyn's book of hours. On this page you can read, written by the hand of the king Henry VIII : "If you remember my love in your prayers as strongly as I adore you, I shall hardly be forgotten, for I am yours. Henry R. forever.”
A present from the King to Anne. This object was used to clean the ears, teeth and nails of its owner.

 Ring of Elizabeth I. Inside is a portrait of her mother Anne Boleyn and also her own portrait.

Coronation costume from the movie "Elizabeth". Gorgeous. 

 I'd like to go once again before the exhibition ends, it was one of the best ones I have ever seen !