Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sewing a cotton ribbon on a Regency straw hat

I finally received after a year a cotton ribbon to place on my straw hat, for more safety during windy days on reenactment field.
I opted for grosgrain (which is less rich than satin for a working class woman) in the color white for a summery feeling. 
I secured the ribbon with oversewing stitches, very discreet to the eye. 

Some quick pictures now !

Here's the final result, I admit at this state I didn't finish sewing it but you can see how the final result looks like ! I hope you all liked it :)

Until next time ;)

1940s striped dress - PART 2 : Almost finished

Yes, the 1940s striped dess is almost done ! I am very pleased over all with how it looks and how it falls when I'm wearing it, I think using period pattern makes all the difference ! And I also made a second one from a cotton coupon I used for my regency day gown you can see here .

I just have now to find some beautiful 1940s buttons and also zippers for closure.

This dress was very easy to make, the pattern instructions were very clear and what I like that most is that it is from 1940 so the shape of the dress can't be more accurate. I recommand using period patterns for a total accuracy.

I'll rather be wearing the first one to stay at home, on lazy days. I forgot to take pictures of the belt, but new ones will be done once buttons and zippers are placed.

 A good iron is required but I didn't have the time yet to do so.. that's bad !!!

And my favourite one !! 

That's all so far, hope you all like it ! ;)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Making a 1800 Short Gown

My dress wouldn't be complete without a short gown of the period, so here it is !

I've done research as usual before starting anything, first of all searching for authentic pieces for inspiration. I found these ones I liked :

 Shortgown, 1790s - 1810s.

Amsterdam Museum, 1800s.
 Netherlands, 1800s.

For pattern I sticked with Janet Arnold's "Morning dress c.1798 - 1805", I already used it on my previous gowns which can be seen here  and I modified the front pieces using this pattern found on pinterest : 

I used white heavy cotton fabric, and opted for a front opening tied under the bust and also up the breast. The sleeves are simple and straight, I first wanted to go for curved ones like spencer sleeves, but I admit it I was too lazy to figure out how to make them fit onto this bodice.
Everything is handsewn as always, I didn't get the chance to take my sewing machine with me to Paris so I do it the old way, and it's historically accurate so that's fine for me!

I didn't take pictures of the process, I did this short gown in a hurry because I have less than 20 days to make a French Napoleonic uniform to my boyfriend, and entirely handsewn so I apologize for the lack of "under progress" photos.

Overall I hope you all liked it, I did my best and experienced at the same time, taking risks since it's the first one I ever made.

Until next time !