Thursday, January 22, 2015

First post... and first projects: Regency gowns.

Here it is, my very first post !

I have been hesitating before creating a blog, but I've finally decided to share with the world my adventures through historical sewing and also reenactment.

First, let's introduce myself a bit. My name is Patricia, I am a 22 year old girl living in south France. I have been admiring costumes since forever I must say, looking at paintings and admiring those gorgeous gowns women had back in the time. So, I've decided to start making dresses from different eras because I've always dreamt owning similar ones.
I've started reenactment since a year now, mainly doing Napoleonic era for the moment, following the soldiers as a camp follower or washer woman sometimes. I have really much fun there, and I always try to live as much as possible like women of this era, avoiding using modern tools during reenacting weekends like my mobile phone for exemple.

I have two projects under progress at the moment.

The first one is a Regency ball gown, which will be made in a black fabric with red prints. For the shape I will use the Janet Arnold's Bib front morning dress pattern.

Here is what inspires me, mainly the shape of the following dresses :

Dress ca. 1800-10 from the Centre De Documentacio I Museu Tèxtil De Terrassa.

 Dolley Madison's red velvet dress, ca. 1810-1820.

ca. 1807-1811 English embroidered red silk dress.

 Quaker wedding dress, 1809,The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Look at that back !
Organza gown, ca. 1800-1810.

The second project will have the same shape as the ball gown, except it will be in a floral cotton, for my camp follower outfit.

A gunner and a camp follower.

I have already started to enlarge the pattern to fit my size, I will start cutting into the fabric tomorrow, which scares me a bit but I got to do it one day I guess ! 

I will post photos of the whole process.

Thanks for reading :)

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